peanut sieving machine

Peanut Sieving MachineSieving Machine for Peanut Kernel

This peanut sieving machine or peanut grander has a compact structure with reliable operation, using whole sieving which is convenient for operating and saving time and power, meanwhile the peanuts can be classified into 4 to 5 categories. The customer's classification standard can be met after only one sieving.

Capacity: 25000Kg/1Hour
Power: 2.5Kw
Dimension: 3400 * 1060 * 2300(mm)

Sieving Machine for Peanut in Shell

The peanut sieving machine with the introduction of barrel type sieving, this machine is composed of charging, hoisting, sieving and receiving. After being hoisted into the machine, the peanuts in shell are forced to advance by flights, and sieve out multiple types of productions with correct Sieving Machine for Peanutsclassification, so can be selected many kinds of spec, grading is excellent high output and no damage.

Capacity: 2000Kg/1Hour
Power: 4.1Kw
Dimension: 5000*1100*2400 (mm)

Combined Sieving Machine for Peanut Kernel

This peanut sieving machine is an assembly line used for removing the stones from Combined Sieving Machine for Peanut Kernelspeanuts which is composed of feeding spout, first hoisting machine, destoner, blower fan, second hoisting machine, receiving device. The peanut grander's features compact structure for convenient installation, low noise, power saving and definite classification, and the productions meet the exporting peanut inspection standard.

Capacity: 20-40MT/day
Power: 4-9Kw
Dimension: 10000*1000*1800 (mm)

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