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Enquiries from Customers about Peanut Butter Machines

Peanut Butter Machine Manufacturer

I would to know if u manufacture peanut butter making machine that comprises of the whole production line up to bottling .the machine will be for a medium to large factory.
----------------------------------------------From America

Please furnish me with information on this product: GMS-85 50-250kg/h 2-50 micron 5.5KW 180kg 1050*300*840 (Price and any relevant information a customer needs to know.
--------------------------------------------From South Africa

We are looking for a concept, something special that could become a calling card for new shoppers. What is cost and applications for your peanut butter making machines (commercial counter top sizes), how do you see it working in...multiple shopping locations, each selling fresh made peanut butter and using this concept as a nitch marketing tool.
--------------------------------------------------From America

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