Bread Slicer Machine

Bread Slicer Machine:

Bread Cutter Slicer

Technical Parameters of Bread Cutter Slicer:

Type Voltage Power Max Slices Slice Thickness Weight Dimension(L*W*H)
QPJ-31 220V 250W 30 12mm 80KG 760*660*800mm
QPJ-39 220V 250W 38 9mm 80KG 760*660*800mm

Features of Bread Slicer Machine:

This bread slicing machine is widely used in food processing industries, especially the bread processing business. This automatic and electric bread slicing machine is high efficiency and stable performance. With such a commercial bread slicing machine, it will help you lot in getting the clean and perfect bread slices. Nowadays, bread is necessay part in breakfast, and more and more prefer it as stable food. Not only in the western countries, but also the eastern countries, increasing people would like take bread slices as their food. What's more, if you choose the right bread, I think the bread is also good for losing weight.

Bread Cutting Machine

Bread Cutting Machine

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