peanut dry peeling machine

Peanut Dry Peeling Machine Peanut Dry Peeler Machine

This peanut dry peeling machine is composed of vertical type hoisting machine, storage box, decorticating machine and sieving strap. The peanut peeler machine features compact structure, stable operation and low noise. After being put into charging spout, the peanut automatically enter into decorticating room composed of two friction rollers, and get rid of the skin of the peanut so as to produce peanut without red seed color.

Capacity :200-250kg/h
Power :0.74KW
Size(mm)L*W*H :1100*350*1100

Peanuts without Shell Peeled Penauts

Steel Peanut Dry Peeling Machine

This peannut dry peeling machine adopts steel peeling roller, and it has characteristics of reasonable structure, stable running, long service life and high peeling Steel Peanut Peeling Machine efficiency.The peanut dry peeler machine can be used multiply.This peanut peeling machine is the most advantage dry type peeling machine at present in the world.


Peanut Peeling Line

Peanut Peeling Line

Peanut Peeler Line

Flowcharts of Peanut Dry Peeling Machine

peanut Peeling Machine Flowchart


Peanut Peeler Machine Flowchart

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