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Test about Peanut Machines

One week ago, this company held training about the peanut machines, and invited teachers from Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province.  People who have related to the peanut machines had to attend it. The training helps lot no matter for the salesmen, engineers or the SEOers.  In order to have our minds and attention, the trainer told us that there would be a test about the training, so all of us should pay all attention to us, because the test would affect salary.

I never thought that I have to take test when I graduated. I reviewed the training last night and make sure I got a high points and the award---300RMB for the champion. I have noticed that this time nearly all people pay double efforts for the test. Thanks to the training and test, I think in the coming days, all of us will provide high quality products and first rate service to you.

Best wishes for all of us.

Test about Peanut Machines

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