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Questions about Peanut Butter Machine

Today, we hold a nearly three hours meeting to discuss some issues occurred towards the peanut butter machine. With regard to assisting all clients to obtain an obvious understanding of peanut butter machine within this company, all of us checklist the next question and supply answers to them. Firstly, what is main distinction between peanut butter machines within this company along with other companies? The majority of the clients are through America, individuals living there getting creasy a fever to peanut butter. Therefore in order to make our prime high quality peanut butter machine, there are three employees from America in our organization, and they're in charge the actual peanut butter high quality. 

Secondly, what are features of peanut butter machine within this organization? Cheap is among the exceptional features of Chinese products. Lately, it is said that peanut butter mill in the east possess low price but also poor in quality. Actually it is not true, simply because we're not a say goodbye company, and whole marketing is our goal. Therefore we do spend much attention to cost and also high quality. Most customers are happy the goods and service.

Thirdly: if there is a problem with the peanut butter machine, what customer should do? The very first rate following sale service is usually the one thing all of us happy with. There are technical engineers who've more than 10 years'  experience in peanut butter machine. For those who have any question concerning the peanut butter mill, you can send E-mail in order to all of us, and you'll obtain a reply inside 24 hours.


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