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Peanut Powder Recipe

It is known that individuals who've received peanut powder as gifts do not know how to use it. As a professional peanut powder processor manufacturer, inside the following I will introduce some food peanut powdermade from peanut powder. 

Getting peanut powder?

Make use of the peanut fryer and peanut peeler machine to find the peanut kernels, and employ the peanut powder processor you'll get our prime quality peanut powder. Or you can the frying peanut all on your own using a rolling pin. You don't to fret that the peanut powder will forfeit nutrients, much like ice and water; therefore the shape will not affect the original nutrition. The peanut power is simpler to digest than peanut. Having a peanut powder processor, all steps will probably be time saving and convenient.

Peanut powder recipe:

peanut powder recipeIngredients: 40g peanut powder, 100g sugar, 3 bits of thin sheets of bean curd, 100g raisins, 600g vegetables and 1 tsp oil. 

First: wash the vegetables and place them in hot water for 3 minutes.

Second: put oil, sugar, peanut powder and raisins on the vegetables, and make sure they are not broken.

Third: take one little bit of bean curd skins and warp vegetable in a strip.

Fourth: position the vegetable strips into hot oil until crisp and yellow after which get them out.

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