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Peanut Flour and Peanut Milling Machine

Peanut flour or peanut powder is made from the real peanuts with the peanut milling machine. Peanut flour is widely used in a variety of products, including baking mixes, toppings, coating, nut flavoring, health food and dry mixes.

Last week, a customer from Philippines brought a peanut milling machine. It is just, he said, quote, “Peanut milling machine in my country is used to get materials to make ice cream and peanut flour Penaut Flour Machine candies.” This customer got a clear idea about the peanut milling machine through our website and E-mails between he and our sales department. He only stayed in the peanut milling machine plant for one hour and decided to buy it immediately, which has saved both our time and efforts. What’s more, our professional technology and enthusiastic service left him a good impression, and he also showed interests to work in future time.

Peanut Powder Candy

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