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Peanut Butter Machine at the Canton Fair

Peanut Butter Machine for Sale

It is the second day to attend the canton fair, and there are good news from the exhibition scene. The news excited us who have no chance to experience the largest fair in China. Customer from Sri Lanka expresses his attention to peanut butter machine. Evan, who has rich working experience in South Asia, receives this customer. His professional opinion and enthusiastic attitude win customers interests.

Peanut Butter Machine at Canton Fair

On the same day, at afternoon, a customer is attracted by peanut butter flavor made at canton fair site.  He asks details about peanut butter machine and peanut butter line as well as installment in his country-India. Meng shows him our successful projects in India, and this customer expresses his further cooperation intention and asks name card initiatively. We believe there is an order in front of us.

Hope there are more good news from colleagues fighting in the canton fair.

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