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International Day for Protecting Consumers'Rights

The International Day for Protecting Consumers’ Rights is around the corner, and each year on March 15th, there will be activities held in peanut machine company to promote the importance of consumers’ right to an enterprise. World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) first took place on 15 March 1983 and has since become an important occasion for mobilizing citizen action, celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2008 with the launch of the Junk Food Generation campaign. It is an annual occasion for celebration and solidarity within the international consumer movement: promoting the basic rights of all consumers, demanding that those rights are respected and protected, and protesting about the market abuses and social injustices which undermine them.

Consumers' Right  Importance

We play many roles in our life, and consumer is important one. I have suffered the bad experience of being cheated and brought terrible products at pretty high price. One of most vital goals for this peanut machine manufacturer is to protect consumers’ rights. To protect consumers’ right is a win-win solution for both consumers and peanut machine manufacturer for consumers can get high quality peanut machine and we also can win consumers’ trust.

In order to help employees in this peanut machine manufacturer to get more information about the World Consumer Rights Day, we invite an expert to our company and deliver a speech to all of us. Besides that, there is a complain department in this company and if you have any problem, contact us.

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