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Industrial Peanut Butter Machine Wins the Competition

As I told you one month ago, there was a competition in AGICO in order to inspire sales amount under such a recession around the whole world. Besides peanut processing machine, there are still other industries in AGICO, and I never expected that Mr. Liu would be the second one in this completion, who is best salesman of industrial peanut butter machine.

Industrial Penaut Butter Machine Manufacturer

The competition among industrial peanut butter machine is fierce and intense. You have to offer something good and cheap in order to meet customers’ special and different requirements. However, with increasingly rising price of raw materials and labor force, it is pretty hard for industrial peanut butter machine manufacturer to survive to win. So we are so excited and inspired to have the news that industrial peanut butter machine is only second to oil machines.

It will be celebrated this great event in peanut machine department, especially to Mr. Liu, who paid lot of time and effort to this case. If you are interested the industrial peanut butter machine, please contact us.
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