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Commercial Peanut Butter Processing Equipment of Supermarket

With economy fast development, supermarket has become an indispensible part of lives. Supermarkets usually offer products at low prices by reducing their economic margins. Certain products (typically staple foods such as bread, milk and sugar) are occasionally sold as loss leaders, that is, with negative profit margins. To maintain a profit, supermarkets attempt to make up for the lower margins by a higher overall volume of sales, and with the sale of higher-margin items. It is familiar for all us that if you buy one battle of juice, you have to pay 9 yuan, but if you buy two, you can get a 50% discount for the second one. That is one reason why consumers prefer supermarket than grocery store.

Commercial Peanut Butter Machine

Recently, there is an enquiry from a supermarket in the US to ask about the peanut butter processing equipment. The peanut butter processing equipment in AGICO is for industrial and there are small, middle and large sizes. In order to survive in the fierce competition, this supermarket is going to make peanut butter by them and provide high quality peanut butter to consumers. Peanut butter is one important part of stable food for American, who takes them every day. To some extent, the peanut butter quality decides their lives quality. Commercial peanut butter processing equipment is popular in American for high efficiency and great working performance.

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