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Clients Visit Peanut Machine Supplier

Last week, there were clients from America visiting AGICO, a professional peanut machine supplier and manufacturer in china, to look for variety of peanut machines. It is said that these clients were going to build a peanut processing line in India. Before they came to AGICO, one of outstanding peanut machine suppliers, they had visited many peanut machine suppliers in different countries. They knew us through the Internet, and had a clear idea about various peanut machines. We knew that they were important potential clients, and we could have long term cooperation with them to reach win-win solution.

Clients Visit Peanut Machinery Supplier

In order to win their trust and approvement, the CEO of this peanut machine supplier company received them in person. He took them to the peanut machines plant and showed them peanut machine operation one by one. The clients also were interested in the peanut machines and ordered one peanut shelling machine, one peanut peeler machine and three different peanut butter machines for test, and expressed their wish to create long term cooperation and possible to get more high quality peanut machinery with lower price.

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