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Why It is Not Good to Choose Used Peanut Equipment

The modern peanut equipment machinery industry has developed for almost 20 years in China. Peanut equipments with new technologies comes out every year, but the prices are not acceptable to a lot of Sand-Hand Peanut Equipmentcustomers who are short of funds, and some of the customers would like to choose the used peanut equipment simply for the cheap price, even if there are risks of machine problems, they would like to pay for the maintenance fees later. Now with us as your peanut machine supplier, it is improper to think like that, AGICO can provide the brand new peanut equipments with high qualities with the prices of the used peanut equipments. What you can get from AGICO is not only the high quality, but also the newest technology and news of peanut machinery and the most professional consultant service you can get.

As the Thanks Giving Day is coming, some of the new peanut equipment is on sale now. This is the way that AGICO say thanks to the old and new customers, and thanks to the internet marketing platform. You and AGICO are able to make international trade easily nowadays, and you are always welcome to consult on the peanut equipments!

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