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Usage of Peanut Shell for Peanut Shelling Machine

Peanut shelling machine is necessary and important equipment in peanut processing procedure. Many peanut shelling machine users express their question about how to use peanut shell. As a professional peanut shelling machine manufacturer, we have figured out several ways to make full use of peanut shell.
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First, peanut shell is good source of making fuel briquette, a more economical and practical choice. There are briquette machines in market, whose raw materials are sunflower seeds shell, hay, rice husk, coffee husk, coir pith, jute sticks, bagasse and cotton stalks. With the changing economy and the fluctuating cost of oil and natural gas prices, many people have turned to using briquette stoves and furnaces for heating their homes. Second, peanut shell is a good ingredient to make forage. Crushing it with fish bone, bean paste and other trace element, poultry likes it very much. Third, peanut shell also plays a vital role in production fiberboard. After chemical preservation treatment, as main raw material for processing fiberboard, peanut shell is durable and affordable. Forth, peanut shell is good at cultivating edible fungi. Crush peanut shell and pack them in plastic bags, disinfection and sterilization and then inoculate with mushroom and other edible fungi.

From above mentioned methods, if you possess a peanut shelling machine, you may figure out a way to deal with peanut shell.
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