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Peanuts Rice Dumplings for Chinese Lantern Festival

With the approaching of Chinese Lantern Festival, the typical food of this festival is the rice dumplings or also known as sweet dumpling. The stuffings of rice dumpling are various, such as, sesame, red bean, rose, fruits, peanuts, chocolate and corn. It is reported that peanut rice dumpling is the second most popular next to sesame, which is the traditional rice dumpling stuffing and has longest history.

Peanut RIce Dumplings

Peanut rice dumping is my favorite and it is easy to make by you. All you need are rice powder, hot water, peanut powder and cooking oil. First, you mix rice powder with hot water to paste. Second, use peanut roasting machine and peanut milling machine to get peanut powder. There is peanut peeler for roasted peanuts. With peanut roasting machine, peanut peeling machine and peanut milling machine, it is easy and convenient for you to make a large number of rice dumplings. Next you mix cooking oil and sugar in a bowl and put them in microwave until sugar melt. Then put peanut powder mixed and put in refrigerator for 10 minutes. In the following, just like making dumplings, divide the paste into same equal and put the stuffing into, then you can get the perfect peanut rice dumplings.
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