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Peanut Cleaning Equipment-The Insurance of Food Safety

Peanut cleaning equipment is a very important step in peanut processing factories. People who don’t see the importance of peanut cleaning are more likely to face the danger of food safety like aflatoxins residue. The America is very familiar with aflatoxins, especially from the peanut food. Aflatoxins can cause the liver cancer, although the healthy experts and specialists have different opinions on how it could cause cancer, and the bad effect is for sure.

Peanut Cleaner Machine for Sale

The peanut products like fried peanut, peanut butter, peanut oil are not stored in the right way. Aflatoxins are much easier to be created in them, people who eat the bad peanut foods can get very sick, sometimes even death. The test results shows that peanut cleaning(washing) can remove 80% of the aflatoxins that on the surface of the peanut kernel skin, and the high temperature in the cooking can also damage the toxic matters of the peanut, the boiling and frying for example.

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