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Peanut Butter Making Machine for Hot Pot

Most Chinese people know that sesame butter is necessary and vital seasoning in hot pot. However, few people realize that peanut butter is excellent for foreigners to enjoy the hot pot. Speaking of hot pot, it reminds me of Sophia, a beautiful and nice girl coming from Ethiopia. The day before she left, we had dinner in a hot pot restaurant, which she liked most. Usually, there is only sesame butter to have hot pot, when there are more and more foreigners in Anyang City, various choices are prepared to meet different requirements, such as, soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, onion, chili, etc.  

Having Peanut Butter Hot Pot with Foreign Colleagues

The quality of peanut butter directly decides the quality of hot pot and people’s satisfaction, so it is important. The peanut butter making machines in AGICO are promised to offer the best peanut butter for you and your customers. Where there is Chinese, there is hot pot, and we never doubt that. Just like where there is oppression, there is rebellion. If you own a restaurant or you are a peanut machine supplier, we believe that we are the one you are looking for.
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