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Machine Help Remove Groundnut Shell from Kernel

Groundnut is known as the peanut around the world for it contains high percentage of oil and fat, which means it has a lot of energy, and that makes it one popular nut in winter time. The groundnut shell is Groundnut Shell Remove Machine not very useful in some of the processing. When we want the groundnut product to have special flavors, the groundnut shell is required to be removed. Like other nut fruits, the shell is not suitable to eat although it is not difficult to crack. Few people know that groundnut shells would be valuable in many fields, like it can be used as the raw material of fuel pellets, animal feed, and it is perfect nutrient medium for mushrooms.

It may be easy when you try to remove a bunch of groundnut shells by hand at home. When the amount becomes bigger, or in the food processing industry, the process can get very frustrating, as the groundnut processing machine manufacturer and supplier in China, AGICO can supply the groundnut shelling machine with small and big capacities. This shell remove machine would increase the efficiency of the groundnut shell removing.  You can check those machines on our website or contact us for the technical details.

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