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Is It good to Eat Peanuts When Pregnant

It is fine to eat peanuts while you are pregnant. During the pregnancy periods, the parents to be care much about the fetus growth and health. Everything pregnant women take need special inspection and decide whether it is good for pregnancy.

Peanut and Pregnant

Anemia is common among pregnant women and the red skin of peanuts has outstanding effect on it. So it is a wise decision to eat peanuts during pregnancy but within a reasonable amount. One thing you should keep in mind before you eat peanuts that you are not allergic to peanuts. About one in 100 children has peanut allergies, and there is evidence that the prevalence has grown over the last decade, researchers say. In my opinion, it is a great pity that there is people who can’t eat peanut and peanut related products. The more peanuts the new mothers in the study ate during their third trimester, the higher their babies’ risk for sensitivity to peanuts, researchers reported. So it is good for pregnant women to eat peanuts.

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