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How to Pick Peanuts?

As one of leading peanut machine manufacturers in China, I think we are capable and skilled at picking peanuts. High quality peanuts are one of important steps to make first rate peanut products. In the following, I will briefly introduce how to pick peanuts.

Color is the first you need to observe, and make sure you have a general realization about colors of peanut shells and peanut kernels. Color of fine peanuts is khaki or white. Taking variety into consideration, colors of peanut kernels are different but uniform. Color of worse peanut shell is gray, and color of peanut kernels is deeper. The color of worst peanuts is a little black and color of peanut kernels is amaranth or black.

PeanutsPeanuts and Kernels

The second you need to observe is flavor. Good peanuts possess the typical peanut smell. The flavor of worse peanuts is less compared with good one. The worst peanuts have funk and unpleasant smell.

Last but not least, taste plays a vital role in picking peanuts. Pure peanut taste guarantees that you get the best peanuts. The worse peanuts either have less taste or have bitter or pungency taste.

Combine fine peanuts with high quality peanut machine, which is one way you get first rate peanut products.

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