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Fried Peanuts Recipes and Peanut Fryer Machine Manufacturer

Fried peanuts are wonderful ingredients for both cold dishes and hot dishes recipes. Oil contained in peanuts is as much as 50%, although peanuts are good for human health, people have to control it within a reasonable amount. Fried peanuts are one of most common way to cook peanuts in western and eastern recipes. As a leading peanut fryer machine manufacturer in China, in order to promoter our high quality peanut fryer machine and also provide convenience to you, we figure out some ways to eat fried peanuts in a healthy way.

Fried Peanuts Recipe

Fried peanut with green beans and dried bean curd is one of my favorite. Green bean contains high quality protein, vitamin and minerals and the latter two are higher than other vegetables. Besides that, the green bean also has vital medical value. Dried bean curd and other bean curd products are the first choice for girls to lose weight and keep a diet. Each 100g bean curd contains 4/2g carbohydrate, 3.7g fat, 8.2g protein and 0.4g fibrin.

Fried peanuts with green bean and bean cured are introduced by doctors to patients, and it is not difficult to cook. Last but not least, I still want to introduce the peanut fryer machine to you.

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