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An Introduction to Sesame Butter and Sesame Butter Machine

Sesame butter machine is well received in food industry, especially the hot pot. With the increasingly popular of hot pot, the Sesame butter machine has a large potential market in the whole world, particular in the cold areas. I heard that a foreign employee detested hot pot very much at first, but now, when we go out for dinner, hot pot is his first choice. Not only the hot pot, the sesame butter plays a vital role in our lives, but also the hot dishes and cold dishes.

Sesame Butter Maker Sesame Butter Maker
GMS-80/85 Sesame Butter Machine              GMS-130 Sesame Butter Machine                                                              

Sesame Butter Maker Sesame Butter Maker
GMS-130B Sesame Butter Machine                                      GMS-180 Sesame Butter Machine   

The sesame butter contains rich protein, amino acid, Vitamins and minerals, with pretty high healthy value. The calcium contained in sesame butter is much more than vegetables and beans, only next to shrimp, which is good for the growth of bones and teeth. Sesame butter has abundant Ferrum, much higher than pork liver and yolk, which has positive effect to cibophobia and anemia. What’s more, the lecithin in sesame butter has perfect effect preventing hair prematurely white or off. However, you could have sesame butter as much as you want, you have to control it within 10 gram. One tip for picking sesame butter, the less oil in the sesame butter bottle top, the fresher the sesame butter is.

The sesame butter machine in AGICO is also applied to peanut butter. There are different models of sesame butter machines, such as GMS-80, GMS-85, GMS-130, GMS-130B and GMS-180. You can buy a small sesame butter machine for home or a large one for industry.

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