The Peanut Shelling Machine

The peanut shelling machine is popular among peasants all the whole world, because they know how boring it is to remove the peanut shell. It is worth to mention that the price of peanut without shell is higher than the raw peanut. With the peanut shelling machine, the peasants can make more money so as to narrow the gap between rural places and cities which is a great social problem in China's development.

As the Mid-autumn Festival is around the corner, people begin to buy moon cakes the traditional dessert during the festival. All Chinese know that peanut is an indispensible additive in moon cakes, but the moon cakes suppliers have to remove the peanut shell in advance which may result in great trouble and time-wasting. Now with the peanut shelling machine, the suppliers do not to worry peanut any more, and all they need to do is to put raw peanut into the machine and they can get the excellent peanut without damage. What is more, the peanut is ideal ingredient in many desserts, such as, cakes, muffins, pies, breads and other baked things. Besides the peanut shelling machine, there are various machines in our company, such as, peanut cleaning machine, peanut sieving machine, cashew shelling machine, peanut butter machine and peanut frying machine and so on.

You will be guaranteed a preferential price if you establish long term cooperation with us, and I deeply believe the peanut shelling machine with high quality and sound service will make high quality peanut to you.